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Laurent Chabal
Laurent Chabal
Past Vice-President
Swiss Association of Wound Care

Laurent Chabal was the Vice-President of the Swiss Association for Woundcare (SAfW). Currently, elected for the next WCET™ Vice-President. He is also acting Chairperson in WCET™ Publications & Communications since 2014. He completed his University Degree in Cell Biology and Physiology from Paris in 1989, Nurse Diploma from Geneva in 1995. He received specialized certificate in Oncology and Palliative care from Geneva in1997, University Diploma of Wound care from Paris in 2003 and Clinic Certificate of Stomatherapy (ETNEP) from Bordeaux in2005. He was presently serving as Nurse in Morges’ Hospital since 1995 and has experience in internal Medicine, Oncology and Pain control care, as Stoma therapist Nurse since 2003 in the EHC, Morges and scientific collaborator in HEdS, Geneva from 2009-2012. Since 2010, he was holding various positions like UAS Lecturer and also Swiss UCM Coordinator (for the EWMA, CPC and WUWHS conferences). He is a member of the WCET™ Education Committee since 2010 and of the Continuous training Committee of the Swiss Association of Stomatherapists, since 2012, representative of the Canton’ Stomatherapists in the ILCo Vaud (local ostomates association) Board since 2013.

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