Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nursing

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Wound, ostomy and continence nursing is also a tri-speciality nursing in which involves patient treatments with the acute and chronic wounds, ostomy - those have few kind of bladder or bowel diversion and with continence problems - those with bladder and bowel control and associated skin care issues. Nurses with the specialty of utilizing their skills and evidence-based information to handle patients with complex wound and injuries are usually referred to as wound, ostomy, and continence (WOC) nurses. Also these WOC nurses provide direct care to inviduals with abdominal stomas, wounds, fistulas, drains, pressure injuries, and continence disorders. WOC nurse plays a pivotal role in the guidance of optimal patient care as an instructor, consultant, researcher and administrator.


  • Ostomy and Colostomy
  • Neonatal Ostomy
  • Ascending Colostomy
  • Fistula Management
  • Pouching System
  • Wound Care and System Based practices
  • Wound Care and Medical Interventions

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