Wound Healing & Tissue Repair

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Wound healing could be a specific biological process associated with the general phenomenon of growth and tissue regeneration. Wound healing progresses through a series of interdependent and overlapping stages within which a range of cellular and matrix elements act along to re-establish the integrity of broken tissue and replacement of lost tissue. Wound healing has four continuous phases including haemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and wound remodelling with scar tissue deposition. In an effort to reduce the wound burden, a lot of effort has targeted on understanding the physiology of healing and wound care with an emphasis on new therapeutic approaches and also the continued development of technologies for acute and long term wound management. The practician working in wound care must become a detective. All potential factors and cofactors which will influence healing should be identified. Due to the complex nature of chronic wounds, an intensive health and physical assessment is mandatory.


  • Chronic Wound Healing
  • Deep Wound Healing
  • Wound Healing Ointment
  • Tissue Repair and Fibrosis
  • Wound Care and Debridement
  • Tissue Viability and Wound Management
  • Tissue Repair Technologies
  • Wound Healing Mechanisms
  • Wound Healing Physiology
  • Tissue Repair and Acne Scars

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