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Ulceration is a localised defect where epidermis, some dermis and even subcutaneous fat have been lost which results in the irregular shape and size of the skin. It can be a sore on the skin or a mucous membrane. The causes depends upon variety of factors by wounds arise from ulcers out of which the main causes is impaired blood circulation. The poor circulation either through cardiovascular tissues or external pressure from a bed or wheelchair causes the chronic wounds and ulcers. The persons who are infirm or use wheelchairs for long periods are frequently prone most dangerous form of skin ulcers known as pressure sensitive sores (often stated as bed sores). Completely different causes producing skin ulcers embody bacterial or viral infections, fungous infections and cancers. Blood disorders and chronic wounds could lead to skin ulcers additionally. Depending upon the healing time, the ulcers are generally classified as acute, which heals within the duration of 12 weeks and chronic, which lasts for long time.

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