Wound Care & Lymphedema

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Lymphedema also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition in which abnormal swelling (edema) of surrounding soft tissue and retention of interstitial fluid (lymph), often affecting the extremities usually an arm or a leg. Primary lymphedema often results in abnormal or missing lymph nodes or channels caused due to abnormal development of the lymphatic system. Secondary lymphedema occurs most commonly from dissected lymph nodes as a result of cancer surgery due to damage caused by the lymphatic system and the other common causes of damage includes surgery, radiation therapy, injury, infection, venous insufficiency, scar tissue, cancer and inflammation. In general, within the most advanced stages of lymphedema contains the foremost severe wounds. The progression of lymphedema can be slow due to correct identification, early detection and acceptable treatment.

  • Wound Care and Edemas
  • Lymphedema and Cellulitis
  • Wound Care and Lymphatic Drainage
  • Lymphatic Ulcers
  • Lymphedema and Radiation Therapy
  • Lymphedema and Treatment
  • Lymphedema and Insect Bites
  • Lymphedema and Occupation Therapy
  • Lymphedema and Nutrition
  • Lymphedema and Quality of Life

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