Wound Care & Infection Control

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Most of the wounds are usually contaminated by the infections caused by the microorganisms. These microorganisms permeate the wound to get multiplied and harm the skin tissue which naturally delays healing of the wound. As a result, it weakens the person’s immune system in their body and also cannot manage the ancient microorganism growth which leads to various diseases. Persons with weaker immune functions, like diabetics or the aged, are in danger for wound infections, since they cannot defend infections simply Based on the continuum, wounds infections are classified as: colonized, local infection, contaminated, spreading infection, and systemic infection (sepsis). The ways to control wound infection are proper cleanse of the wound bed, change of dressings using sterile or no-touch aseptic techniques, notifying the clinician about the signs of the spreading infections and the wound reassessment at each and every dressing change for signs of improvement in the wound infection.


  • Wound Care and Acute Infections
  • Disorders in Keratinization
  • Wound Care and Sub-acute Infections
  • Disorders of Melanin Pigmentation
  • Wound Care and Chronic Infections
  • Parasitic Skin Infection
  • Wound Care Infections and Treatments
  • Psoriasis
  • Wound Care and Infection Prevention
  • Skin Infections and Treatments

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