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Wound dressings and devices gains a vital role in the worldwide medical and pharmaceutical wound care market. Wound dressings are exceedingly classified into variety of ways based on the kind of material utilized for the dressing production such as hydrocolloid, alginate, collagen; physical form of the dressing such as ointment, film, foam, gel and finally on their function within the wound such as wound debridement, antibacterial agents, occlusive, absorbent, adherence. Apart from this, additionally they are classified into traditional dressings, modern and advanced dressings, skin replacement product and wound healing devices. Embrace general health of the patient, native atmosphere of the wound and specific properties of the dressing are the three major factors should be considered before assessing the need for a wound dressing. The perfect dressing ought to accomplish fast healing at affordable price with lowest inconvenience to the patient. Wound care and dressing choice ought to be a holistic, structured method involving close cooperation between medical and nursing employees.

  • Open Wound Dressing
  • Silver Wound Dressing
  • Wound Dressing and Bandages
  • Surgical Wound Dressing
  • Wound Dressing Types
  • Wound Dressing Kit
  • Hydrogel Wound Dressing
  • Wound Dressing and Healing
  • Wound Care and Hydrocolloid Dressing
  • Wound Dressing Procedure

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