Advances in Skin & Wound Care

Advances in Skin & Wound Care Photo

Skin care is vast diversity of practices that supports the integrity of the skin, appearance enhancement and relieves skin problems. Skin wounds can be taken care with necessary nutrients supplement, avoidance of excessive sun exposure and proper usage of emollients. It can be routine procedure in varies aspects such as either too dry or too moist, prevention of dermatitis and lesions. Due to the increasing prevalence and also the serious integumental conditions that may occur, together with skin infection treatment a typical pressure, urinary and faecal incontinence  due to perigenital irritant dermatitis, diabetic foot ulcers, ulceration due to venous insufficiency, lymphedema, acanthosis, nigricans, abdominal elephantiasis and wound infections in the obese patients enhances the attention of dermatology specialists recently. 


  • Skin and Wound Management
  • Skin and Wound Closure
  • Advanced Skin Care Technologies
  • Wound care and Ulcers
  • Wound Care and Skin Protectants
  • Wound Care Occupational Therapy
  • Wound Care Alternative Treatments
  • Bariatric Skin Care
  • Skin Care Products

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